Chloe Selection for Chloe Newbie!

  1. O.K. Chloe girls...I have a friend who has decided she loves my Chloe bags & wants to take the plunge. She thinks my patent paddy is fabulous & she found an Audra patent handbag (on sale) that she is completely crazy for...I encouraged her to go for it!!!

    She put the Audra on hold when she found it & wanted my opinion. In the meantime, she was browsing the Chanel forum on tPF & noticed how most women on that forum encourage "newbies" to choose caviar leather over lambskin when selecting their Chanel bags. She LOVES the Chloe Audra she found but now she is hesitant because it's in lambskin leather.

    She's heard me rave regarding the durability of Chloe's & I told her I think because the Audra is in PATENT lambskin, not just lambskin, it would & should be very durable!! Did I steer her wrong? Wouldn't all Chloe patent be durable for daily use (mine is hloding up fine), even patent lambskin?

    Thanks for your help ladies..I am a newbie so I thought I would consult the "experts"!
    Have a great weekend :smile:
  2. I didn't know the Audra was lambskin!

    Either way, patent will be more durable. Most patent leather actually has a plastic coating on it; some patents are not leather at all.

    I have heard, though, of some patent Chloes cracking and/or peeling, especially on the pressure points where the bag is creased often. It can also be scratched quite easily (just surface scratches, nothing like Chanel!), although I assume that's part of the charm.
  3. i wona...thanks for your thoughts on the patent lambskin! I think it should be much more durable than typical lambskin because of the patent layer protecting it.

    Lambskin on Chanel bags from what I've heard is pretty notorious for scratches but you typically do not hear of these problems with Chloe lambskin...I assume Chloe's lambskin is a more substantial or thick lambskin & told my dear friend this.

    Thanks again for your words of wisdom...I want to help her as much as I can!!

    I think she's been bitten hard by the Chloe bug...she's already planning her next purchase...a prune Heloise :smile:
  4. The Heloise is also lambskin! But really thick leather which does not scratch easily. It really depends on the way the leather is tanned and treated.
  5. I just bought a Chloe Audra Moka patent! Love it and can't take my eyes off of it myself let alone the looks it gets. Also, so far no problems as a mater of fact I feel with it being buffed easily to keep its shine that I don't worry about it, if it gets dirty from brushing against the car, ect. Also, this is my first Chloe. I have another that I might sell but it too for me is patent! The buffing with the dust bag is what my great Nordstroms sales lady showed me. Hope that is right. I say go for it! I love it.
  6. I think she should definitely go for the audra.....I love that bag! I have an elvire patent hobo and have had no problems what so ever until now!
  7. Mona Danya...

    What problems are you experiencing with your elvire patent hobo? I saw your pictures when you got it & thought it was just absolutely gorgeous!! Hope everything is fine with it :smile:

    BTW, my friend bought the bag & said it was soo soft...not stiff at all for patent. I think she'll be really happy with it. Thanks guys for all of your input!!
  8. Yes mona_danya, what problems are you now having with your patent Elvire. I would be very interested as you may remember i have one too.
  9. I think I worded that wrong...I am not having any problems at all with it.....
  10. ^ PHEW :yahoo: