Chloe Scam and it isn't over yet - Advice Please

  1. Hello everyone...

    I posted this on another thread, but it seems to have disappeared. Here we go:

    I buy a Chloe bag on eBay from a seller who has sold some medium priced authentic bags before. So, I felt I had reason to trust this person.

    The Auction says this Chloe Bag is being sent with a Neiman Marcus receipt from Denver Colorado in the Amount of $1,600. I win and pay trough her 'check out system', she doesn't accept Paypal.

    Chloe arrives and is such a sick fake I actually got dizzy. Everything obvious in a fake is there, the lock, the lining, the zipper, the bag - all poor replicas. During which time the Seller removes all self-hosted pics from eBay.

    Big mess, long paper train between me, her, eBay, credit card company - finally she agrees to take it back.

    Help! With this obvious deceptive auction (even the Neiman Receipt was a poor counterfeit), what if I send it back and she says "you sent ME a fake back - I sent you a real Chloe!"

    What would I possibly do?
  2. Maybe we can take some pictures of the fake bag in the old package, and pictures of the bag with the new package you are about to send to her?
  3. When you send back, make sure you send with delivery confirmation & signature required. Take lots of pictures before you send it back. In put the numbers to your CC company. As soon as they see it is delivered, they should give you the money back.

    If she had no personal tags on there etc, she hasn't got a leg to stand on. Also, she has already taken her own pictures down - another red flag. CC companies & ebay aren't stupid, they know that this is suspicious. I always leave pictures on for a few months after an auction just in case.

    If you have any problems, come back & post, we can walk you through what to do next. I am mostly a seller, not a buyer, but I HATE the fact that sellers of fakes are making ebay a sham.

    Good luck!