Chloe Sample Sale-LA

  1. Billion Dollar Babes is having a 1 day Chloe sample sale on 9/7. See details below;

    Friday September 7


    12-2pm Platinum Members Only
    2-4pm Gold Members Only

    For membership information visit us at

    4-7pm BDB Registered Guests Only
    Register at

    Billion Dollar Babes Private Showroom
    5979 West 3rd Street, Suite 203
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (above the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)
  2. WOW! The LA and NYC ladies get all the great deals.
  3. Has anyone been to one of there events before? What kind of prices do they have? Is it worth it to buy the $200 membership?
  4. EEK. i'm not sure if i want to pay an annual fee. i tried to RSVP as a guest but rsvps are closed.
  5. That sucks- I wanted to go but I'm not paying $200...
  6. i just rsvped! thank you!
  7. I wonder what will be left for the people who wouldnt pay $100-200 membership...:cursing:
  8. I'll wait for their November sale in SF :smile:
  9. I guess I will go (already RSVP'd) but am a little nervous b/c at the last BDB sale I went to in LA (the DVF sale) the line for non-paying customers was sooooo long that I gave up and left.
  10. Ooh when is it!! Can you provide details? :nuts:
  11. thanks. I just RSVPed.. I am so excited..
  12. I wonder if it will be the remainder of the Chloe bags from the New York sale. If so, you LA shoppers are in for a good time.
  13. seems strange/seedy to me...I can have a great time with $200 and no chloe...
  14. I just RSVP'd as a guest and am hoping that it'll be worth it. Does anyone know the price range or percentage off for the items there?
  15. I RSVP-ed as well as a guest but I am afraid that the line will be too long... Can anyone comment on the LA sale? Round trip will be about 5 hours for me and I don't want to go if it isn't worth going. If anyone can confirm that they have a good selection, I may purchase the gold membership...