Chloe Sample Sale 12/7 and 12/8

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  1. when: 12/7 and 10am-6pm
    and 12/8 10am-2pm

    Crown Building
    730 Fifth Ave
    Suite 1601

    Ready to wear and accessories at up to 90% off
    Cash and all major cc's accepted

    ---I can't make it - if anyone goes let me know how it was!!
  2. Hi there...I was just wondering where you found this?
  3. Oh man, I'm so tempted, but I bet the lines will be CRAZY!!
  4. When you say accessories do you mean handbags too?
  5. I ran over at 10:20, and there was a pretty long line. The line was out the door and almost down the block. I only stayed about 5 mins and the line didn't seem to be moving. I had to get back to work, so I left. :yucky:
  6. please let us know! how long the line is and what they have on sale!
  7. I went at 9:30 and got in the door at 10:00...the door to the building that is. I stood in the elevator lobby outside the suite for a half hour with CRAZY, PUSHY obsessed women who were very close to mob like potential.
    I decided to leave when the word came out from those who had gotten in that there were only two bag styles and one was the Edith Bowler...the other unidentified. The bags started at $318. I wanted a steeper deal for the drama i was putting myself through. There was ONE pair of shoes when I left, and shirts and tops were representing the clothing portion of the sale. I have to say I was very disappointed in the behaviour of the GROWN women who were pushing and shoving to get in....some of which were proudly saying how they didn't need to be there since they already had chloe bags at home. Duh? why were they there? Anyhoo, I digress.....The sale became too much for me when I saw an ELDERLY lady push into a PREGGERS one. I couldn't bring myself to dance with the devil today.

    ....EXCEPT maybe for a Trigger in Black! I hope there are some left at the Botkier sale I didn't go to this morining in the quest of a Chloe Silverado Doctors bag.... Silly me.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I was going to spend my lunch hour there but I guess I'll just eat instead. Sorry you had to deal with all that madness!! Hope you have better luck at Botkier. (last night wasn't too crazy, much more relaxed than the the Chloe sale sounds)
  9. Oh good, I got kinda scared there for a minute!! I am still a newbie to the desinger bag sample sale world....and. I. was. Scared!

    they did say that there would possibly be restocking at 2pm....there are already people on a looooong line for that 2pm cattle call though....
  10. I waited in line starting at 8:30 into the door at 10:15...then waited another 20 minutes in the cattle call room to get into the actual sale. there were pretty much NO bags left..except beige, metallic, and putty colored Betty. I ended up getting a red patent betty (which i love) and a metallic one for my sister. they also had some baby teklas left (like 3 or 4) for $380.

    i was very dissapointed b/c i wanted a paddy but oh well. guess if i really wanted one that badly i'd pay retail for it...

    and yes, people were very, very pushy.
  11. were there lots of clothes?
  12. Shirley, did you ever make it to Botkier last night? Is Chloe sale pretty much a waste of time at this point?
  13. mmm, patent red betty sounds divine. Do you remember price points?
  14. I did! they didn't even check for the invite. I really wanted the chrystie python but they didn't have it so I ended up not even getting anything...

    my friend got a bombay tote and a baby chrystie though...

    what was your damage?
  15. 2 crosby hobos-in sienna and black, and a teal trigger fan hogo... might sell one of the crosbys...but the deals were pretty good!