Chloe Sales/Deals/eBay/Bonanzle or Other Finds - Please read post #1 FIRST


Jan 10, 2007
The rules are simple:st be authentic
  1. Post ONLY the item name and link or the store/location must be posted.
  2. NO chatter
  3. And above all, NO drama :woot:
We will delete any chatter, all drama, and any bags that are not authenticated first.

Please chat here:

Please note:

  • As always, NO promoting your own auctions or posting your eBay ID.
  • The item must authenticated first, whether by yourself, a third party, or in the Authenticate This Chloe thread.
  • Caveat: Buyer beware as always, we can not guarantee the authenticity of any item posted here. If you are unsure, please post in the Authenticate This Chloe thread.
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