chloe sale on ideeli help

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  1. I ordered really cute retro looking chloe sunglasses from ideeli jan 15th and they still haven't shipped! i'm so excited to wear them! how long does ideeli usually take? I've sent a request in their "contact us" section to find out but I still haven't gotten a response. After this I don't think I'll be shopping with them again....
    anyone with advise/experiences with ideeli?
  2. why havent they shipped them, that was ages ago! call customer services!
  3. it says not to contact them till 10 days after the sale is over, which it definitely is now.
    argggg there's no phone number anywhere!
  4. I still haven't heard anything!!!! does anyone have a phone number for them? should I call my credit card company and cancel the order?
  5. yes i would cancel the transaction, they are taking the mick!
    i dont have a number sorry.x