Chloe Sale Nordstrom MOA

  1. The sale starts June 6th and pre-orders can be made now. Price is upon request. The collections that are included are: Edith, Paddington, Betty, Debbie, and the Bay collection.
    Chloe1.JPG Chloe2.JPG Chloe3.JPG Chloe4.JPG Chloe5.JPG
  2. Here are a few more photos of some of the sale merchandise.
    Chloe6.JPG Chloe7.JPG Chloe8.JPG Chloe9.JPG Chloe10.JPG
  3. A few more photos...
    Chloe11.JPG ChloeNavyPaddingtonHobo.JPG ChloeNavyPaddingtonSatchel.JPG ChloePaddingtonShopper.JPG ChloePatsyblue.JPG
  4. One more round!
    ChloePatsyblue.JPG ChloePatsyorange.JPG ChloePythonHobo.JPG ChloePaddingtonShopper.JPG
  5. Forgive me for asking, but do you work or are you affiliated with this store?
  6. OMG... thanks for posting the visual really helps!!!

  7. MOA, do you know what Bays are included?
  8. I think you have an Ava up there. Are they included?
  9. I just spoke to Fran at that store and she was super helpful and very nice!
  10. Woudl you happen to have her number handy? Also, what does MOA stand for?

  11. tnx for the pics!!
  12. :yahoo:Happy dance, Happy dance! :yahoo:Whoo-hoo!!! I pre-ordered mine! One for me and one for my MoM!!!:yahoo: Can't wait!!!
  13. Oh this is just one of the times I really would like to live in the US but it would be a true killer for my budget!