Chloe sale miami NM

  1. O.K. to make a long story long..over in Kooba land there was a post about a sale at Neiman's in Miami Kooba's and Chloe's. I called and bought a Kooba over the phone from a VERY lovely saleswoman named Emilene (sp) she called a day later to tell me they just got in a bunch of new Chloe's for Fall and they are priced at $500.00 as apposed to $1,000 and up. Good luck!!
    Here is the number : 305-591-1101
    and I would ask for Emilene she was sooo helpful.

  2. What could this mean? My local Neiman's doesn't have any lesser priced Chloe's? I guess I have to go there tomorrow first thing. I have seen one advertised in a Saks mailer that came today- a Navy leather Paddington hobo Capsule brand new for $840. Do you think the store written about here just got a batch of sale ones?????
  3. ^ Ooooh please let us know what you come up with. If they are having a sale on the fall bags I'm in trouble.......
  4. I don't know! When she left the voice mail she said "we have some new Chloe's and just to let you know the price they are around $500.00 and the normal price is $1000 and up" I'm not sure what that means?!!
  5. eek!

    I was just at neiman's and Saks here in minneapolis earlier this week, they hardly had ANY Chloe's!

    Has anyone scoped the inventory yet??

  6. i just called and was told no chloe bags are on sale?
  7. drat!
  8. ^i know, right? i think the person thought i was crazy, bc i kept saying... are you sure?? please?!?

  9. "But......but........ someone on the purse-whoring forum said so!!!! Whyyyyyyy????" -in my best whiny 5-yr old girl voice!

    maybe if someone shows up with a big tasty homebaked pie???

  10. you guys need to call and ask for Emilene and tell her my friend Stephanie told me you left her a voice mail informing her you had Chloe's on sale!
    she might remember me....I live in Chicagoland and had her overnight a bag for me!
    She was so cool.
    I hope this works for you...
  11. This number is for last call. They have ediths & bettys. Ediths were 510. From what she described to me.
  12. yep! i just called and talked to emilene and ordered a red edith... 510... yay, thank you! she said the also had ediths in tan, ivory, brown... etc. she didn't know the name of the bag but i deduced it was an edith... so call and get yours girlies, good deal!
  13. I called too...and a SA told me that there's no chloe bags that are on sale!
  14. that's what they told me too... but ask for emilene and she'll help you!
  15. Did they have any more red edith bags?