Chloe sale in UK?

  1. Hi, I have tried to do a search for this and nothing would show up. I really want a paddington, I just wanted to know does anyone think the sales ie. Selfridges will have the regular ones half price?
  2. As far as i know , there was sale in selfridges this month, but it already finished (Dec10th)... not sure if it will have another one before boxing day.
  3. I asked Chloe in Selfridges London and the lady told me after Christmas - so I'm gonna be there on Boxing Day!!!!

    I think it's the same for Harrods. I asked the lady in there and she told me the Elvire is likely to go on sale but did not mention any other bags.

    I went to Harvey Nicks as well and the guy said the sale is before (?!) Christmas and I asked so what's likely to go on sale and he told me nothing that's on display. The bags that go on sale come from a warehouse. Not very helpful!!
  4. thanks for the info ladies I suppose I will jsut have to wait and see what Selfridges Chloe has. Last year they had no paddingtons on sale- just other bags I am not to familar with and some Bettys and Ediths
  5. Harvey Nichols sale has started and they had some mini paddys, box paddys and the capsule....
  6. thankyou very much Miss Bradshaw I may have to check that out- do you know how much % they were off? Also are you an Arsenal fan or just like Pieres- I ask because I am a mad Arsenal fan!!!
  7. Oh Arsenal too! I am a season ticket you go?

    think they were 40% off
  8. Net-a-Porter sale started today!! Yippeee!!!! :yahoo:
  9. OMG... All the bags I like are reduced and I have to wait till January for my next purchase!!!!:push: