Chloe Sale at Nordstrom, 40% off!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I finally decided to spring for the large chocolate betty I have been lusting over; I had put it on hold at Nordstrom in King of Prussia PA to ponder spending $1970. When I actually went in to but it, I was told that this Thursday, it would be put on sale, 40%!!! I snapped it up, and they will adjust my total when I bring in the receipt. They had other bettys, and paddys as well. I never dreamed of such a deal. Good luck to all of you out there!
  2. Wow that is great! I am going to KOP on thursday. Any other designers on sale?
  3. Just called and spoke to Brooke. Unfort. the Chloe Paddingtons aren't on sale. :huh:
  4. Some MJ bags and Jimmy Choos! Mulberry's are now on sale too!

    BTW, only metallic paddys and silverado are on sale plus Molly and the "box" Bettys. The Betty hobo is not included. :sad:
  5. lordguinny - you spoke to Brooke in King of Prussia? I hope Paddingtons eventually go on sale!
  6. Roey, the SA I spoke to in King of Prussia was Brooke. She was really sweet. She said there will be a sale on designer handbags June 5th...just not on the paddingtons (at least not the chocolate colored ones).
  7. is this at King of Prussia too?

    Any news on the SoCal Nordies?
  8. if anyone is looking for the olive gladys, they have it on presale at NM in Northbrook, IL. ask for Beryl.
  9. The sale is happening at all Nordies so I guess, it's whatever they have. My SA told me that SAs at other stores are hesitant in doing store transfers.

    I forgot, Gladys is included in the sale too!
  10. double post :shame:
  11. Hey I am right by KOP :yes: I am there like once a week. LOL.

    I heard about the designer bag sale and was wondering if the Chloe Choco Paddy would go on sale. From the previous post, I guess not and I guess that's good news (for me) since I got ordered the Chloe Choco Ascot hobo from on sale :roflmfao: I fell in love with the chocolate shade on the paddy. I really hope the Ascot is the same shade!!
  12. ^^The chocolate Ascot hobo is gorgeous! What was the sale price? I hope you will post pics! I have been lusting after that bag for weeks!
  13. It should still be available -- go to deals and steals and go to the NM private sale link.
  14. will there be any baby paddies on sale by any chance?
  15. There might be some left at NM's private sale. It was $641 :yes: