Chloe Sale at NM with some pics from Troy

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  1. There is a two day friends and Family sale at Neiman Marcus, Michigan Troy.

    1. #2484, $1780.00 Now $1246.00

    2. #2486, $1635.00 Now $1144.50

    3. #2489, $1470.00 Now $1470.00

    4. #2491, $2100.00 Now $1911.00

    5. #2493, $1755.00 Now $1228.50 (Also comes in Bronze and Light Tan

    6. #2495, $1825.00 Now $1277.50 (Also comes in Black and Cognac)

    7. #2497, $1825.00 Now $1277.50 (Also comes in Black and Cognac)

    And I have the Patent leather elvire hobo on hold!

    To enquire you can talk to Lisa Hamlin at 248-643-3300 ext 2182 or 248-635-8442
    DSC02484.JPG DSC02489.JPG DSC02491.JPG DSC02486.JPG DSC02493.JPG
  2. more pics and the patent elvire hobo I have on hold!
    DSC02430.JPG DSC02431.JPG DSC02495.JPG DSC02497.JPG
  3. ^^^^ Hey speaking of Patents????^^^^ What's up with the Black Paddy Patent?????
  4. Thanks for the pics! I noticed that the picture numbers aren't lining up in numerical order with the prices. (not complaining!!... I just wanted to make sure on pricing) Do you know how much that blue bag is?
    BTW that patent elvire is cute! Can you shorten the strap? It looks like it's shorter on one picture. If so, thats awesome.
  5. It came and it was gorgoues but not for me (sold to a dear friend who loved it)...I OFFICIALLY gave up on paddies. I saw the patent Elvire right after I ordered the paddy and I really like it but I was hoping it was more than 30% off!
  6. If you put your mouse of the picture you will see a file name and that corresponds to the price list.

    For the Elvire hobo, they are two different straps. Neither are adjustable or removable I think.

    There is a good picture on under fall accessories I think.
  7. Thanks regarding prices. I just noticed what you are talking about regarding the handles. There is a good picture here:

    So, you cant remove either one? Hmmm don't know about that. :sad:That's why I asked if she shortened the strap in the pics above. It has those "funny" things on the strap.

    It looks good on the model? So, unless it would bug you??
  8. I would probably wear it messenger style most of the time....I REALLY don't know!
  9. All I know is that the patent hobo looks incredibly cool on.
  10. I was at NM at Newport Beach last night, and they had the patent hobo on the sales table, at 30% off. It is a great looking bag. Tons of Bays too at 30%off.
  11. Thanks for posting Mona. Is that an maize/yellow elvire bag? I didn't like the elvire at first but it's starting to grow on me. What do you guys think of the elvire?
  12. The Elvire is growing on me too, especially the shoulder/hobo style--isn't that the way it always is, the start of the season we're 'iffy' on some of the styles, and by the end of the season we're frantically searching for them.
  13. well someone said they do look much better IRL! I can't to see the patent IRL next week...
  14. Ooooh, Mona, is today the big day? Can't wait to hear about the patent! :yes: