Chloe Sale (30% Off) - Bloomingdales (Chestnut Hill, MA)

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Bloomies in Chestnut Hill, MA is having a sale on the Chloe bags (except the Python). They had TONS of bags ... the large size Anthracite and Gold/Bronze paddies, a couple of the smaller Betty bags, a number of silverados, etc.
  2. Thanks CeeJay!
  3. Thanks! I'll have to give them a call :smile:
  4. Thank you for the report!;) So many sales...I really need a large sized bag for work...perhaps a large Silverado tote or a medium Betty!:smile:
  5. I wonder if Nordstrom will price match the Paddington sale at Bloomies?
  6. Nordstrom will price match with everything as long as u give them the number to call and verify,:yes:
  7. Are the paddies only the metallics? If so, Nordstrom has those going on sale tomorrow too.
  8. thanks for the heads up!
  9. For those still interested, I was at Bloomingdale's , chestnut Hill , MA.
    They still have 30% on Chloe paddys (ivory, taupe, chocolate, black, gold, silver, baby)!!! Also, Silverado and totes.
    The Chanel Cambon line is 30% off!! They have reporter black on black, kaki green (is that what they call it??) and pink totes, I think I saw a bowler.
    Juicy and IF are on sale 30% as well
    GO SHOPPING GIRLS!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Do you have their Phone #??
  11. 1617-630-6000
  12. do you recall what the prices on the paddies that are on sale are? thanks!
  13. 30% off is $1078 ($1540)
  14. Unless they expanded the sale, the NON-metallic Paddington satchels are not part of it. I called when Ceejay first started this post about a taupe satchel and was told it was not on sale and will never be on sale. If someone can clarify please do; otherwise I will try to call in the morning.

    It is great to be notified of sales, but may I politely suggest that members not assume sales pertain to every single Chloe bag on the shelf. It is so easy to electronically dash someone's hopes.
  15. I agree with Roey about doing a bit of homework before announcing a huge sale. It will save fellow PF'ers a lot of heartache.

    Most of the time only metallic paddingtons are on sale at Nordies, NM & Saks. KZ is the only boutique I've heard of so far that has had all paddys on sale. I don't think regular paddingtons will go on sale like the metallics because a store's shipment is usually depleted of them as soon as they come in. Why put a sale price on something that is so high in demand? That is why I think Bettys have been on sale. While we think they are gorgeous they don't appeal to the general public as much. Voila, sale!

    Maybe when the paddington trend dies down so will the cost. However, if it continues in popularity the way it has since it's debut, I don't think there will be a sale. Both SA's I've spoken to say that most of their fall shipment of paddy satchels are already "spoken" for (i.e. waitlisted, on hold, preorder).

    Some people say that the paddy is just a trend bag. But if its popularity continues it'll become a classic. I can't believe I was two seasons behind owning one! :shocked: