Chloe Sale .... 26% off

  1. So I thought I would update all you chloe lovers out there on what I found at Gretta Luxe today. (I took notes while i was there, but I wish I brought my camera too!)

    I bought a chocolate Bay Bag which i am in love with..... the ones still there were....

    -two Bay bags, one in chocolater and in beige
    -two silverados - one chocolate and one black with black studs
    -chocolate paddington sachel (it had a long strap and a rounded zip bottom - its the coolest paddington i have seen in a while, but i already have 2 classics, so i decided on the bay)
    -black edith shopper
    -white canvas edith with whiskey leather handles
    -beige patsy
    -camel small tekkla
    -tan patchwork satchel
    -chocolate large patchwork sachel
    -paddington zip clutch - in blue and chocolate
    -white edith shoulder bag

    The girls there said that they do charge send (i know people were asking about that before) ....the numbers at their two locations are 781-237-7010 and 617-536-1959
    Hope you get the one you are looking for!!
  2. thanks so much for posting the info!
  3. thx for info!!!
  4. I received an email and a phone call from them about this one day sale but I was out all day and missed it! - not that I could have cheated on my purse ban! Thanks for spelling out the possibilities since now I don't feel so bad. Except - were the Bays quilted????
  5. tnx for the tip!
  6. thanks!