Chloe Rylee Boots.

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  1. Hello! I got a pair in my regular size 9 (39) and they were snug. By the time I returned them ( Net-a-Porter) the 9.5 was sold out. What a beautiful boot, so chic and edgy. Sorry I was not much help, hopefully others have feedback.
  2. I'm surprised no one ever writes or reviews about the Rylee Boots. They are selling out like hot cakes and it's insane how well they sell. I am not sure how wide your feet are. Mine are pretty narrow for Asian standards. I don't have large feet too. Like 38.5EU. For some reason, I tried purchasing the Rylee Boots and I had to return them three times!! IN the end the size that fits is 41 EU?! Can you guys believe this? I love the design so much. But I am NO size 41!
  3. wow! that's crazy!
    After my initial difficulty locating a 9.5 pair (10?!?) i lost interest and moved on. How do you wear yours? I just love how soft and well made they are. Would love to see mod shots.
  4. I returned the 41EU as well. Out of rage! They are comfortable and the heel height is reasonable. I have herniated disc so this is the limit. I loved the design but the sizing is offputting.

    I wanted to wear them with socks but I think they were made with the intention so you could wear them without socks...

    Unfortunately it’s autumn. I need my yak socks...

    I think mytheresa still has them! And matches! And net a porter!!!!! GO GET THEMMMM
  5. Bummer. and i hear you, i do think they are meant to be worn without socks.
    After i returned mine i went and bought a pair of Louboutin So Kate 100mm, in love! wearing them today, these boots are awesome.

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  6. If anything Louboutins >>> Chloe

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  7. Hey dears,
    it is sale season and I found a pair of Rylee boots with a 60% discount.

    I tried to find out more about this style and have been looking for reviews but couldn’t find much.

    Are these boots not that popular? Do you think the boots will last for a while or will they soon be forgotten?

    Although 60 percent off is a pretty good offer and I love the look of them they are still too expensive for a „one season boot“.
  8. After weeks of debating with myself I finally bought a pair of the Rylee boots in a neutral croc embossed leather and they are so beautiful!

    Maybe I am the only one on this planet but for me they run true to size. Yes, they are crazy narrow at first but they got more comfortable after wearing them a few days.

    Just wanted to share my love for these shoes and my experience with the sizing.

    I am a 38.5 and 39 in the Susannas (both fit me, the 38.5 is slightly tighter) and got the Rylee in size 39.5.
  9. Congrats! Pics?
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  10. Here you are!

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  11. Omg reading this was like my experience with the same boots.
    I was in a boutique and my size normally in pumps can be 37 or 38 , I could not even squeeze my foot into a 38 and sale girl questions my size ... ok I have bunions from years of shoe abuse but I tried a 39 omg you could count my toes jammed into the toe box but lovely soft leather shape to the bunion joints without to much pressure, I'm not sure about the sizing and I advice try them on if you can to be sure , on the plus the heel is very manageable did not feel like a high heel for me.
    Sadly I needed a size 40 to feel confident I could wear them but size 40 omg I went in the shop wearing a 37 so girls be prepared to need a bigger size .
  12. :shocked:

    Maybe it is the pointed toe and the cut of these boots which causes trouble for some buyers.

    I totally understand that you don‘t want to pay for shoes three sizes larger than usual. I wouldn‘t either.

    What is your regular US/UK size?
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  13. Hi Emma your so right, the cut of these boots seems really narrow at the fore foot area but omg the pointy toe is gorgeous.
    My regular size changes because I got terrible shape feet but mainly I'm a UK 4 USA 6 in high heel pumps / courts , the thought of having size eu 40 or 41 when I'm sure my feet are UK 4 seams crazy !
    Emma could you buy them knowing that there 3 sizes bigger than normal ? Would they look to big on yet there still tight on my toes and fore foot ! , what a weird fitting dilemma these boots caused , hope your getting on ok. With yours , Sharon
  14. These are lovely boots true classic pointy toe ankle boots always win when I choose a style, how do they feel for all day wear ? Oh Jesse I don't know quite why I ask because any point boots hurt my feet but I still adore them and would wear them ! ...