Chloe Roy Glossy Lambskin... thoughts?

  1. I'm in love with the Chloe Roy glossy lambskin version... does anyone have one yet? I want to know if the glossy finish gets dull and if it gets scratched pretty easily.
    Screenshot_20181013-152957_Samsung Internet.jpg
  2. i like the bag overall but was concerned that the straps were too thin to support the heaviness of the leather
  3. I have this in vinyl blue. I love it.
    It’s small but the perfect running around in jeans weekend bag for me. It hasn’t dulled and isn’t scratched but I haven’t had it very long... it’s shiny/glossy but not patent shiny. My iPhone X in a thin case does fit in the front pocket but had to go in at an angle then it fits all the way in horizontally so it’s hidden. Without a case it’d probably slide right in. Same with iPhone 8 (my work phone) I think they’re pretty much the same size anyway.

    The straps I find very stable. It’s super easy to shoulder carry or go crossbody when need. The top zip unzips all the way ( detaches if you want like when you unzip your coat ). I really like the gold rings on the side.

    I love it because it’s easy to grab & go, holds essentials, is a little edgy, easy phone access, easy to carry, and I don’t see anyone else with one so it’s different.
  4. Can you post some pictures of yours?
  5. Here’s a few for you... Went to dinner with a friend tonight & she loved the rings on it.

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