Chloe Roy Glossy Lambskin... thoughts?

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  1. I'm in love with the Chloe Roy glossy lambskin version... does anyone have one yet? I want to know if the glossy finish gets dull and if it gets scratched pretty easily.

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  2. i like the bag overall but was concerned that the straps were too thin to support the heaviness of the leather
  3. I have this in vinyl blue. I love it.
    It’s small but the perfect running around in jeans weekend bag for me. It hasn’t dulled and isn’t scratched but I haven’t had it very long... it’s shiny/glossy but not patent shiny. My iPhone X in a thin case does fit in the front pocket but had to go in at an angle then it fits all the way in horizontally so it’s hidden. Without a case it’d probably slide right in. Same with iPhone 8 (my work phone) I think they’re pretty much the same size anyway.

    The straps I find very stable. It’s super easy to shoulder carry or go crossbody when need. The top zip unzips all the way ( detaches if you want like when you unzip your coat ). I really like the gold rings on the side.

    I love it because it’s easy to grab & go, holds essentials, is a little edgy, easy phone access, easy to carry, and I don’t see anyone else with one so it’s different.
  4. Can you post some pictures of yours?
  5. Here’s a few for you... Went to dinner with a friend tonight & she loved the rings on it.

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  6. I'd been eyeing this bag for ages and I finally bit the bullet after reading how well your's has held up. I'm loving this purse but I will say that the caramel colour wasn't quite what I thought it would be from the pictures on the site and the videos I'd seen of it in action, it's a bit more orange than I was expecting but I really love it. Thank you for all of your photos, they really helped to visualize what I could fit in this bag.
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  7. Happy to help! So glad you love yours. The colors online can really be deceiving sometimes. I saw some photos of mine online where it looks way more blue than it is, but I love the color & this has become my go to weekend/after work purse. I’m sure yours is beautiful. Enjoy!
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  8. The blue is just gorgeous @kbell!
    I own this bag in pastel grey and love it! It's got the perfect size for me and it looks clean yet modern and freshly different. Not your usual boho Chloe style but that's exactly what I love about this bag! The straps are stable enough to lift a horse I reckon and everything I need fits in quite well!
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  9. Totally agree!!
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