Chloe Roy bucket bag? Does it worth for IT bag

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  1. does anyone own Chloe bucket bag or another brand? Do you think bucket bag could be IT bag or just trendy for certain time? Does it easy to dress up with bucket bag?
  2. I dont think its going to be an IT bag per say but personally for me, if I like it I just buy it :biggrin:. I dont think that the bag is trendy enough that its going to become irrelevant. Bucket bags come and go all the time and the twist the roy bucket bag has makes it embody a classic silhouette, yet has trendy elements to make it interesting. Plus, I love the versatility of being able to change out the long strap so you can update its looks easily.
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  3. Is yours chloe mini or small size? Really lovely
  4. It's the mini! I'm barely 5'1 so anything bigger just looks weird on me ahaha
  5. I have a mini and I love it. It holds a ton of stuff and usually you can find it on sale, unless you want the black one. I use a ton and get a lot of compliments on it!
  6. yes, I found one in sale for great discount for small size. my mini size order was canceled.. when I checked in store, the mini is so cute. the small size has the zipper compartment and small pocket for cell phone compare to mini one does not have any compartments