Chloe Repair

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  1. Hello ladies! Question with getting a Chloe bag repaired: If I ever have any issues with my bag, will any Chloe boutique repair it even if it wasn't purchased there?

    I'm curious because I bought mine through hgbags and I know with Balenciaga, they won't accept any repairs unless the bag was purchased directly from their store. It's such a pain.

    Any info would be great. Thanks ;)
  2. Can I ask what's wrong with your Chloe bag? Mine broke where you put the lock. The hook part came off. I don't know where to get it fixed.
    Ronna :smile:
  3. It's just a general question...There's nothing wrong with my Paraty. I would assume u could probably bring it into any Chloe boutique for repairs. I was just curious coz with Balecianga bags, they only repair bags that were exclusively bought at their boutiques (which is stupid in my opinion).

    Good luck with getting your bag repaired!
  4. In the event that you need a repair, I would suggest calling the Chloe boutique and ask them for their recommendations.
  5. My paraty has the same issue.
    I took it to the Chloe store in London.
    Complete with authenticity card and was told it couldn't be fixed without a receipt.
    I would have imagined the authenticity card would have been good enough...