Chloe Quilted Bay Shoulder Bag *pix*

  1. Here is my Quilted Bay Shoulder Bag. She is still a virgin...hasn't been outside of the house yet.

    (Picture taken using my new iPhone) :tup:
  2. congratz!!!!!
  3. Wow--congrats!!
  4. Gorgeous... take her out and show her off soon!!
  5. Congratulations,she's gorgeous!!
  6. :yahoo: Yay! Congrats!!! I love the quilted bay~
  7. Quilted Bay is very beautiful! Congrats & enjoy.
  8. I have the smaller version one. love both of them!
  9. Its beautiful. You should take her out and show her off. I love the colour as well. Lucky girl.
  10. congrats!! :biggrin:
  11. Totally gorgeous!
  12. we have very similar bags - i got one in moka. reminds me i should take her out for a spin soon. It's a hardy bag and you can really pile in tons of stuff in there incl my work files !
  13. Love it!!! Congrats!!
  14. Pink! Love your bay - great color!
    Have you taken her out?