Chloe Quilted Bay - shopping strategy for best price?

  1. A newbie would appreciate some advice! After spending a few months researching designers and styles, I've fallen in love with the Quilted Bay (picture borrowed from I prefer the bag in black but am open to other neutral colors. I really want this to be a bag I carry for years!​

    I'm a hardcore bargain hunter, though, so I want to get this bag for the best price possible. I came really close to buying it during NM's Private Sale - I must have stopped by the Chloe display 4 times that day - but hoped I could do better than 30% off (especially since we have 8% sales tax here). Any recommendations for shopping strategies and stores to watch? I'd prefer to buy from an authorized retailer instead of eBay. Do you think I run the risk of having the bag sell out if I wait for it to get down to the 50% off price range? Any advice appreciated! :smile:
  2. The only problem is that they don't have it in black...last time I checked they had the ecru which is also very neutral. Its definitley worth calling them.

    I'll keep an open eye for you....its seems to be available at quite a few e-tailers so I think you can get it for around the 50% off range but till January maybe...I am always checking so will let you know when a worth while deal comes up!
  3. They may be preselling it at Nordie's for 40% off...
  4. Thanks everyone! Judging on sales info from the last few days, it seems that this bag will be part of the big sales this season. I just saw the new Sacoche sale post so I'll check with them first. If they don't have it, I'll keep watching NM and Saks (our local Nordstrom doesn't carry Chloe bags, although I may call another one). If it gets to at least 40% off, I'll jump!
  5. I went to Nordstrom today and the quilted bay is 40% off. You should call Nordstrom and do a pre-sale since I'm sure it will sell out. It looked like both black and tan were on sale. Nordstrom Bellevue has these in stock.
  6. Oooh thanks - I'll give them a call. Do you remember the retail price at Nordstrom? I've seen slightly different prices for it on every website, most in the $1600-$1700 range. I've also emailed Sacoche to see if they have any black ones in stock.
  7. I bought my daughter this exact purse from Sacoche and I think this dealer has the lowest price by far. I was just admiring it today. I shouldn't have given it to her before Xmas but I did....Gosh it is a cool bag!
  8. I didn't check a price on the quilted bay - I presaled the moka non-quilted bay. I got the email from Nordstrom - Bellevue. You can ask for Marie Allan and she could give you pricing. Good luck!