Chloe Quilted Bay Question

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  1. I just got my hands on a Chloe quilted bay bag in ecru (looks like a light camel color). I think it's a great color for the Spring and Summer but am wondering if it's ok to wear this color all year round?

    Also, I noticed the leather on the bag shows scratches very easily (I have long nails). Does that happen with everyone's quilted bay?

    Thanks so much - my first Chloe purchase here and I wanted it to be a bay bag so I want to be sure this is the right one!
  2. I am thinking that you can definitely wear it year round - depending on the colors of the outfit. And while I haven't inspected the ecru up close I suspect that it is the kind of leather that is supposed to be scratchable - a "pull-up" leather we call it in the shoe business. The scratches sort of give it a textured tonal treatment. I hope this is not b.s.??? I am curious to see what other Bay bag owners will say! Did you get the bag from eBay?
  3. Pics please!!!!
  4. Definitely a color that can be used year round. They say there are no more white after labor day rules anymore.....I only avoid pure white after labor day when it comes to bags.
  5. Agree that ecru can be worn all year. I think the wear you add to the bag (scratches, patina) add to the beauty of the bag. Congrats and Enjoy!
  6. Ecru is beautiful all-year-around colour, congrats! And I think the leather is meant to be like that. When I admired a quilted bay in this colour in store I noticed it had some lighter "marks" all over it but it looked like it was part of the look and it was gorgeus IMO :yes: I think divnata is right and its just certain leather type!
  7. just agreeing with everyone else...ecru is a great year round color and the leather should wear well...congrats!
  8. thanks for everyone's feedback on this! After reading all of your posts I have decided to keep the bag. Can't wait to cut the tags off and use it tomorrow. Thanks!