Chloe Quilted Bay Owners

  1. I just bought the medium quilted bay in black, and I am not sure if I should keep it. After examining the bag, the leather on the quilted part seems so-so, and the zippers are not very easy to use.

    For those who have have this bag, did you guys think it was worth the money? Also, how's the bag holding up? I am a little worried that the leather may not very durable.

    I'm looking for a versatile, long lasting, everyday black bag. If the bay bag doesn't work out, do you guys have any other suggestions?
  2. I've only had my quilted bay (brown) for only one week. I agree with the zippers as they don't smoothly glide but I think after some breaking in, they will zip/unzip smoothly. I love the leather. I wanted a bag where the leather looked and felt smooshy. I think the leather will age beautifully as time goes on. I plan on carrying this bag everyday. I like the vintage look to the bag. Hope this helps a little.
  3. I have a quilted Bay in Moka and in Ivory :yes:

    The Ivory is unused but I have used the Moka 3 or 4 times now and the zippers have broken in already and run very smoothly. Also the "dog ear" flaps that inhibited getting into the two side compartments have softened and it is easier for me to use these two compartments now :nuts:

    As for the leather - it is is very, very thick and very durable (it is on my bag at least) and I know it will just get better with age and this bag will last a very long time ;)

    I hope this helps a little bit but if you are having doubts then maybe the bag is not for you?

    Let us know what you decide :flowers:
  4. I have the medium quilted in black, and although I have to sell it for other reasons, I love this bag! I think the quilting on it is gorgeous, and I only wish I could keep her. It is absolutely gorgeous on! BUT, that being said, if YOU don't love it, then you should return/sell it because all that matters is that you ENJOY wearing the bag!
  5. I was so excited to receive this bag, it really was on my wishlist for a good while, but once the initial excitement of receiving it wore off, I was left with a bag that just felt a little grown up and bulky, and not that "special" if that makes sense.
    I am sure you have a great returns policy, so take your time and see if you grow to love this bag, but if you dont, really, send it back, as I lost over 100 pounds selling mine on, as I was out of the returns time, and I found it quite difficult if I am completely honest, so think carefully, and send it back if it really isnt the perfect bag for you, as it is alot of money to spend on a bag that is just ok :smile:
  6. I can vouch for chloe_babe! These are not as easy to sell as you would think they would be. So if you can return it still, definitely go that route!
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies!

    I am still on the fence about it because I've been looking for the perfect everyday bag for a VERY long time. So if it's not this one, then I don't know when I'll see something else.

    I'm going to do what you guys had mentioned and let it sit around for awhile. It's from Nordstroms, so I'm not worried about the return policy.

    I was looking at maybe getting a miu miu bag, but I am worried that it will be more of a trend bag than a classic.

    How do you guys feel?
  8. Have you tried the Medium Paddington Satchel? I use mine all the time, and perhaps this is more your style? I also love the betty! That is the most underrated bag- tons of storage, lightweight, and fabulous on!
  9. I do like the paddington satchel. However, I chose the Bay because fewer people have it. Also, it seems more of a casual bag. I am looking for a bag that transitions well from work to play or vice versa.

    I haven't seen the betty in person yet. I'll be sure to check that out when I'm out in BH or South Coast. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. ahh good luck Jennt, but I personally think you should fall hook line and sinker immediately for a bag of this price, and if you are still not sure, I do not think it will ever truly become a favourite.

    There are loads of gorgeous bags out there, have a really good and try them all on and the right one is going to jump right out at you :biggrin:
  11. Chloe-babe, you're right. If I don't love it now, it'll never be a fav. I just didn't want to let go of the bag because I got it for a decent price. It was 20% off, and it seemed like a good deal since other F&F discounts excluded the bay bag. my quest continues!
  12. Choose what you really love but ify ou ahve the funds you have another opportunity to buy another bag you acn keep this one till then however if you don't have the funds to continually buy bags ( as I know I don't or shouldn't at least) I would wait til its something you absolutely love and not have any second thoughts about!
  13. I totally agree with you on the Betty!
  14. I really need to check it out when i get the chance. seems like there are a lot of betty fans!
  15. bump...

    i'd love feedback as well, any pros or cons would be much appreciated!