Chloe Questions!


Feb 9, 2006
Hi everyone, first of all i would like to introduce myself, i just wandered across this forum while looking for information about some chloe bags.
I was wondering if anyone could help me determine the authenticity of a few bags, i have many pictures, here are a few:

(sorry there are so many!)

I also had one more question regarding the chloe silverado: did this come in plain leather, python embossed leather and python? Thanks so much for all of your help, oh and these pictures did not come from ebay, they are from some bags at a consignment shop... i am really torn between being able to tell if they are authentic or not!
none of those are real.

and i believe that the silverado came in regular leather and python, i've never seen it in python-embossed leather. most brands like chloe wouldn't make a bag in a fake exotic.
Egads!!! None of those are real, sweetie. First, the leather is completely off. I assume the first purse was trying to be a whiskey. The color is close, but the leather is far toooooo shiny. The metalwork appears to be too bright too.

The black's leather is off also, but so is its stitching. The third, is that supposed to be an ivory or cream? I'm not sure what color it's supposed to be and second, what exact model it's trying to be. It does not look dimensionally correct.
the first bag is fake because the leather is too smooth and shiny, it should be matte and squishy and wrinkly. the second is fake because the leather is again too smooth and the black bags have black stitching, not white. the third is fake because the proportion is off and the paddy was never made in that color. hope that helps!
no problem! it takes a long time to get used to what authentic bags look like, so if you have the cash and can find the bag, going to the boutique is probably the best idea.