Chloe Query

  1. Hi everyone!

    Can anyone help with my query regarding the Chloe Paddington.

    I have two Chloe Paddingtons, my first being from 2005 and is the medium, my second Chloe is a mini Paddington just purchased last week, it is the sweetest thing in tan - I love it dearly...

    Now although the workmanship on both is absolutely fabulous I have noticed that the metal zip pull rings on my medium Paddington (circa 2005) are made of a simple wire ring and not the same as my new love, the baby Paddington (which are thicker with a narrow area at the zip join).

    Why have Chloe altered the zip pulls, is it to make them stronger, more durable etc? Or is it simply a new styling feature? I heard some time ago that some Chloe zips were faulty and had to be returned for repair but I thought that was just idle chit-chat.

    Any ideas?
  2. Hi, and welcome to tPF :flowers:

    I have two paddies at the mo, one is from 2005 and one is from 2006, both have the zip pulls with the narrow part you're talking about.

    I don't know if it was deliberate or intentional on Chloe's behalf, but as far as i'm aware they just changed them - maybe they changed suppliers?

    It's a bit like the zips on the paddington, some have YKK on them, some are plain. I would assume that much of the time it's whoever can supply the quickest?

    I don't know that there are any QC issues with either zip pull ring. Have you noticed any difference with how each bag fastens?

    I can only assume it must be easier to use a ring pull with a narrow section, allowing it to 'sit' in the zip section correctly.
    If you have too thick a ring, i would think it wouldn't grip on to the zip as well.

    Anyway, i hope i haven't waffled too much (it's well past my bedtime:nuts:)