Chloe Quality Over Time, esp related to Paddys

  1. I know that many of us covet the 05 paddy leather for it's special supple and softness. The difference between my two 05 bags and my two 06 bags is huge.

    However, the newest paddys seem to have a markedly inferior hide. I saw several paddys at Nordies today that all had seriously noticable hide defects. Not that the purses or leather was damaged, but that the cow hide itself was obviously inferior.

    Being a car lover I know that many car manufacturers only use cow hides from cows that live in areas without fences to prevent hide damage on-the-hoof from barb wire, etc.

    The new Chloe hides are obviously from a less grade of leather.

    Does this bug anyone else?? Maybe it's just me, but for $1540 I would really like a hide that was prisitine (ok, I love the pebbly character, but not the scars and such that I have seen).
  2. I agree 100%...for that kind of money everything about the leather should be exquisite. I saw a new Tan satchel from NAP a couple of weeks ago and it couldn't hold a candle to my 2005 Tan paddy. If I didn't know it came from NAP I would have bet money it was fake. Very disappointing. :sad:
  3. wow the earlier leather must be amazing, i'm very happy with my paddy... interesting to know it gets better.
  4. I noticed that too and even pointed out to the Chloe SA in the store about why the big difference in the softness of the leather between the earlier Chloe and the present Chloe bags. SA replied that she didn't know what I was talking about and I even made her feel the leather of it but she just rolled her eyes and walked away. :rolleyes:
  5. Hi

    I bought my from the sale on NAP, a tan paddy. I am pretty happy with the quality of my and does not see any defects. But I am not an expert and do not own one from 05. [​IMG]

    this is a pic, so can someone tell me what you think of the quality???
    Cheers! :rolleyes:
  6. I've had several paddies come and go - 05 and a few 06. The best leather I've had is on an A/W 06 bag, and I've seen some absolutely gorgeous 06's at Nordstrom too, but it's hit or miss and some are horribly disappointing. Perhaps the early 05 bags were more consistently fabulous, but I wouldn't rule out all current bags!
  7. I think it's just another testament to the lack of Chloe quality control. I've never seen a company where bags could differ in quality so much from bag to bag. Hence, I will never buy a Chloe bag again unseen. It's too emotionally taxing! LOL!
  8. I see a difference in many Chloe bags today, vs those from last year and the year before. The Betty I have is so soft and thick, but the Betty's I see today, the leather seems thinner and stiffer. Even the color of the leather looks painted on to me, rather then dyed, hard to explain. I did see a beauty of a Paddy the other day though, it was pure stark white, and when I touched it, it was thick and soft and perfect looking. I guess there out there, we just have to look for them.
  9. I understand that Chloe uses a variety of different factories in Italy. When they farm out production like that, it makes me wonder what is the difference between some of the Chloes handbags and some of the knock off bags that are made in various factories? (In Italy and around the world). When you compare it to say Hermes, where there are no factories, only craftsman that work for Hermes only and do their work by hand right on the Hermes premises, I think perhaps it seems that Chloe is a bit of a farse, with regard to "Quality". What do you think?
  10. I agree, Chloe has some of the forst quality control in the industry.

    But last year's lack of consistency has turned into worse this year, from what I have seen.

    The hides themselves were appalling... there were literally thick scars that clearly were a result of cheap cow hides. Other companies are very selective about the hide pieces they use and discard the ones with huge blemishes and scratches and scars.

    Each and every paddy I saw at Nordies yesterday had at least one piece that showed visible hide damage before they were even dyed.

    To me, that says Chloe has deliberately choosen to pay less for their hides to increase profits.

    That is even worse, IMHO, than the previous inconsistencies.
  11. I have two paddys, which I love! But I tried to purchase a metallic paddy which immediatly had color transfer issue and I returned it. I LOVE my paddys, but I am honestly too scared to buy another. I want bags that the company will stand behind long term, and I know that Coach, LV and Chanel will do that. Chloe simply does not seem interested and that's too bad. For that kind of money they should.
  12. Do you find that maybe with the lighter colour bags they use better quality leather??? Maybe there are actually grades of Chloe bags. Each retailer order accordingly, maybe that's way some retailers do not mark their bags down so much while others offer larger discount!! This is my conspiracy theory! :sweatdrop: :roflmfao:
  13. I like the conspiracy theory, LOL!

    Honestly, I think it's a conspiracy to make more money. :dots: and that is how they can afford to do so many sales now.

    Less money to make the bags = greater profit margins = discounts passed to customer, still = greater profit margins.


    I still love the paddy collection but I am just really saddened to see the marked decline in the quality of the leather and general workmanship. :crybaby:
  14. That conspiracy theory definitely makes sense! I hope it's not true though, but it's sad to see these sorry looking paddies, even on sale, it seems to cheapen the ones with the great leather. I do a lot of quality control work and there are times when I'm tempted to contact Chloe and tell them that they NEED to hire me as a consultant!

    I also find that I'm not buying as many Chloe's anymore because of their wide varience. The ones with bad leather just seem so pathetic. If I didn't know any better, I would guess they are fake too.
  15. When I saw some of the new ones I made the same remark to the SA there and got the same response.
    I had my grenat paddy laid out next to the newer bags and you could SEE the difference and it was definately thicker and much more supple to touch then the new leather.

    It is absolutely a disappointment, considering that they've raised the prices on the paddys and ITA that it's something that's being done to cut costs and increase profits.