Chloe "quality control" issues

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  1. Upon close examination of my new 06 choc paddy, I discovered one of the strap studs is in the wrong place.

    I have attached pics of the stud which is on the inside of the strap, rather than the outside, where it should be. There should be 3 outside, 1 inside. This trap has 2 outside, 2 inside. Its purely aesthetic and wont cause any problems (other than that it is a perfect pebbly paddy).

    I just wanted to hear your thoughts on your quality contrl issues and whether you accepted them as "unique characteristics" or sent them back?

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  2. i think that kind of error should be taken back and given a new one. if say you want to sell it in the future, it may cause the value to go down slightly...
  3. I just check my chocolate chloe and yours is definitely on the wrong side. I would take it back.
  4. I received a paddy that had an obvious defect in the leather - patterned, heat-pressed bumps. It took some arguing with the boutique but they finally argreed it was defective instead of cramming "unique" down my throat and refunded me.

    I agree with Fayden - you should insist on a refund/exchange/discount. If it was an only/sale bag (and you say the leather is lovely!!), a discounted price might help you get over the defect.
  5. Yes i got it at a discounted price - but nothing was mentioned of this flaw. I shall speak with the person who sold it to me. Thanks for your comments :smile:
  6. All of my paddy have three stud outside, and one inside...

    you should definitely ask the seller...:yes:
  7. Where were these bumps located? Mine has about two underneath on the base, so you can't really see them. Not sure if they're really patterned, but definitely indentations, about the same size as one of the small studs. I kept it because this bag had been in the storeroom. The other choice was the display model.
  8. Do you know I noticed a Paddy with exactly the same problem listed on NAP some time ago – I cannot remember which colour or if it is still there, but I thought it was amusing at the time that even NAP gets bags with mistakes.

    In the world of stamp/currency collecting, such errors actually push the value of the stamp/note much higher! Think about that!
  9. eBay*Princess*">
    Your indentations sound 'uniquely normal' - every paddy I've had has had indentations from studs, perhaps some better hidden than others. My defective bag had about 10 'mumps' in a 3" x 5" area on the front - they were raised instead of indented, and in a pattern similar to an espresso machine drain grid! Another PFer found the same thing on hers; both were taupe.
  10. Thanks, that was good to know! You were lucky you got your money back. Next time I see a taupe one somewhere I'll take a closer look. My Paddy is choc brown.
  11. Wow, that's pretty interesting. I know we've always mentioned on the chloe forum how inconsistent their bags are because there are so many variations even within the same season, but that's just crazy! I agree with Fayden about returning or exchanging it. Not only will the value decrease when you try to re-sell it, but you might even have to deal with questions of authenticity since it's such a non-standard error. Like if the heat stamp is slightly off, fine. But if the stud is completely on the other side where it shouldn't be, that would make me, personally, suspicious. feel me?
  12. Does anyone else feel like the inconsistancy just helps the fakers? Like if they know that not all serial numbers are the same way, it makes them easier to justify any discrepancies. I wonder why Chloe does that so often??
  13. Sadly it was too late for me to return the her as I had already fallen in love :love: . The seller said she never noticed (which I tend to believe as the bag looked like it has never been worn).

    I think I am going to go for a lighter paddy next. I was in the chloe section of myer (Aussie chain store) the other day and had a giggle to myself when another girl walked past me with a jeans moyen (fyi you never see anyone in Brisbane with paddy). I thought it was a stunning color IRL and you can deinitely see the wrinkliness more in the lighter bags.