Chloe Python Silverado

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  1. I think Im absolutely in love with the Chloe Silverado in Python skin and I'm really thinking getting one.

    The only problem is ... there doesnt seem to be a boutique in Canada and Im clueless about their Python collection. :weird: What colors are in production, retired, etc?

    I'm fancying a white or gold one. I've attached a white which I found on ebay!:love:

    Any information would be fabulous!
    Thanks girlies!

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  2. i saw a creamy peach one and the silver. try looking for pics for sliver one? i saw it on a mag but my scanner isnt working D: its really nice though :biggrin:
  3. I love that white one :love: ...but I would be heart-broken if it were to get dirt marks on it...:cry:
  4. I purchased the S06 large brown (cognac tone) last week. Love it!
  5. nordstroms in king of prussia in pa has one in black. good luck