Chloe Python Silverado - Fake or real?

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  1. Hi all,

    can anyone with expertise/fanatical knowlege on Chloe Pythons help me out? I recently bought a Chloe Python in cream/mauve on eBay, item no. 200038741190, with serial 04-04-53 (why do so many Chloes have this serial #??). The pics show a white/mauve but it is actually very creamy, almost pale, pale mint and lavender. The seller sold it as "well used" but having read some of the posts about the stamps being too deep on fakes etc, I am now concerned I have paid good money for a secondhand fake! The seller was very good in re-sending a registered item that did not arrive via Royal Mail (she ended up couriering it to Aust. from UK), so I don't want to seem ungracious, but I have a slight feeling she was still making money on it even after the cost of postage. Also, insides are quite marked, which is not what was stated in the summary description.
  2. Hi! I am no expert but I have done alittle research on chloe silverados before as I used to like this bag alot & was on the hunt for an auth earlier.

    I did not judge this bag whether this color exist, markings, details or price -

    but only on the fact that it appears the side pockets are a square shape which is a giveaway that it is fake.

    the auth side pockets should be a more alike / \ (it is narrower on the top & widens at the bottom)

    I will suggest you ask for more pics of the side pockets - if it is square shape pocket, it raises a red flag here.

    Hopefully other members here will have more input abt this bag, pertaining to other details too.
  3. I think this should be in the authenticate this section of the chloe forum.. I think it's fake. a real python silverado would never be listed at that price IMO unless it was damaged. The price is way to low : ( :sad:
  4. Thanks bbbochap & D & G rockstar (so far). I have already received the bag, and the side pockets are actually the / \. The reason it was so cheap, i assume, is that it's in good condition, not great and the seller said it was "well used" (which is quite obvious if you saw it). Also, I just got a reply from the seller, after I asked how best to clean the leather. She actually suggested I take it to a Chloe boutique and not mess with such expensive leather!! It sounds as though she is not scared for the bag to be authenticated. I'm starting to feel it's real more and more. My biggest concern is that the python is coated heavily in paint/dye, and it doesn't flake as much as my cognac python (real), and that the embossing is quite deep (other PF'ers say to watch out for this) though, no other colours show thru the embossing. I am just looking for a definitive answer to out my heart at ease!!I don't want to be out off eBay because of tis as I have been burnt recently on another expensive fake!!bbbochap, anything else you can find wrong with the pics? ps Seller put new pics up quickly when asked
  5. Is it real python scales??? embossing = fake. It shouldn't be coated heavily in paint/dye like that -- that sounds like embossed or fake python scales... do you have pictures?? The seller never took pictures up close of the scales in her auction.... which is very sneaky and odd...

    For a used python silverado w/ no scale peeling, you can still get over $1000 USD.

    It's very hard to get a boutique to authenticate a chloe and get a written letter from them indicating that it's fake... ack!!!!

    Does she have the original receipt of purchase or anything else like that?
  6. :yes: :yes:
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