Chloe Python Silverado at Nordstrom

  1. Hi all. Received a call today from Nordstrom's Seattle store. They received the medium silverado python in whiskey. 206-628-2111
    Just in case anyone is looking...
  2. Just so everyone is absolutely clear on which one this bag is, it's not the traditional satchel style. It's the newer Tote style in the medium size - it has an open top (no zipper) and the handles are too short to wear over your shoulder.

    I personally dislike this style - to me it doesn't compare favorably at all to the regular medium Silverado, since the traditional one a) has a zipper, b) fits over the shoulder and c) just looks cuter overall. And unfortunately, yes, I'm positive that the one Nordstrom's received is that new Tote style - it's the only one they ordered in the Whiskey.
  3. Thanks for review and clarification, style. I quickly told the SA that my bag "mind" is focused on a May trip to Italy and London... There will be no (more) new bags until at least mid-May...
  4. Good for you! This one is kind of ugly IMO (sorry if anyone likes it - LOL) anyway!!
  5. Gosh I love the python!! Why oh why is it illegal in California? Can someone plese tell me!!!!
  6. BL, Nordstrom, Saks, Chloe NYC, and Aloha Rag will ship to CA.