Chloe Python questions

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  1. Wondering about python bags...
    I realize that they should be handled gently, but is there much wear & tear with them? do the scales peel?

    Any input would be appreciated. I just want to know if it's worth buying a python bag if theres a great chance that it'll get damaged with regular use.
  2. Normal use is fine with python. But do not treat the scales. and try to avoid it with water, it would cause it peels.

    Hope that helps.;)

    i love my chloe python, it is my most gorgeous bag ever.:heart:

  3. I agree, do NOT treat the python. Just keep it clear of water at any cost! I have several and wear them in a regular rotation. Normal use has been fine on all of mine, no matter the style.

    The Chloe store in NYC told me they used to treat the python bags to make the scales soft, but stopped with the 2006 seasons. So the earlier bags have softer python while the bags from 2006 and 2007 have scales that feel more dry (for lack of a better word). I think I like my 2006 python bags more just because they feel more like actual snakeskin- with some texture. It's kind of hard to describe, so hopefully that makes sense.
  4. When I bought a python bag I was also advised not to leave it in direct sunlight for long periods (and definitely NO water anywhere near it).
  5. Okay - I have to confess. I took my originally priced $4000 python bag to a wedding and I was a tad tipsy and went into the bathroom and while I was washing my hands...NOTHING HAPPENED. I had set the bag downs on all this icky water (unknowingly after a few drinks) and it was OKAY!! Granted no python scales touched the river on the countertop - but it could have been bad and it WASN'T !!!
  6. Thanks for the input! That's what I was hoping to hear.

    I just want to wear the bag comfortably and not worry too much about damaging it.
  7. I have an 04 python with the soft scales. Only thing I notice is that the scales start to turn up over time, but none have come off. I didn't treat the bag but won't take it out in the rain. It can hold up to a lot of use, I don't find I need to baby it much at all.
  8. my heart was in my mouth reading that :wtf:- glad the bag is okay :yes:
  9. Hi all, Kooba crossover here! I am wanting to buy a Silverado and have been looking at both the python and the smooth. My question is, does anyone who has a python notice any difference in wear over a smooth leather bag? I'm loving the look of the python, but I'm afraid it wouldn't hold up as well as the smooth. Any input would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  10. Sorry - no - I was put off by the thread here about skinning the pythons alive.
  11. I love my python Silverado with a passion. I also have a python Betty. I have been unreasonably tough with these bags. One time at a wedding I set the Betty on the bathroom counter while I washed my hands - not noting the water all over the place (too much champagne!). I was horrified but you know what - NOTHING happened! These are incredible sturdy bags and sooo glamorous! I would recommend them over the smooth.
  12. definitely python over the smooth. I have 3 python silverados and I love them!

  13. I'm dying to know??? Did you get that fabulous creme Python strap handled Betty?????? That bag is :nuts:
  14. Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but I know nothing of skins. I have read that they 'flake', and that you cannot get them wet. After reading the above post, apparently that's not true!
  15. I believe like all purses you should be careful with water. The skins (especially python) can curl up i.e. the tiny scales, but really that's what adds character to the bag!

    Chloe python bags are drop dead. What color in the Silverado are you looking at may I ask?