Chloe Python Paraty

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  1. Is this a seasonal bag? or will it be available in months to come?
    I really want a paraty in python but as i have bought 5 bags already this year (and its only 1st feb) i cant really get one for at least a couple of months.

    I saw one in the store today and the sales assistant said to grab it now because its very popular, so that got me worried that i wont be able to find one in the future.
    Is it true that once there sold there sold for good and they wont be bringing them back? :sad:
  2. Remember - SA's are there to sell!!

    The Python Paraty is still available - albeit it may be a little harder to find that a regular leather.

    Also - would say - it may depend on the colour you want.
  3. They'll keep doing Paraty python for the foreseable future (including Fall 2010). But expect the available colors to change from one season to another.
  4. Thankyou both for replying to my post. I am so glad that the Python Paraty will be around for a while :smile:
  5. they do have a couple of python paratys on net-a-porter so they are still avalible.