Chloe Python Doctor Bag $898 @ BG

  1. Thanks for posting derbygirl!
    Beautiful bag!
    Someone GRAB this!
  2. I tried - no shipping to CA - which I knew, but tried any way
  3. I bought this last night at 4am on (I'm sick I know)-- I hope I love it!
  4. You will :heart::heart::heart::heart: it :yahoo:
  5. i just cancelled my order, girls, so it will go up again
  6. it's still there! someone grab it!
  7. i wish i could afford this bag, soooo luxurious (wipes away drool)
  8. I love chloe python!! :smile: someone needs to get this!!
  9. march and march7 are not working for free shipping? any other codes?
  10. Yes, NMPERK should get you free shipping!
  11. Oh,'s at BG, not NM...sorry!!!
  12. Gone!
  13. It's available again...
  14. gone..