Chloe Python curled scales-- is this normal?

  1. I found a Silver Python Silverado at Nordstrom on sale but some the scales are sort of curled up, and it feels really soft, is it normal for the scales to turn up like this?
    python1.jpg python2.jpg
  2. I have the Silverado python wallet and shoes.

    The python on the wallet is always curling, i stroke it down all the time! I think its normal:shrugs:

    Bit annoying really.
  3. P.s love your Silverado. Its stunning.

  4. Thanks for your help lothlorien- I guess its just something I have to get used to... I do love this bag though;)
  5. Wow--what a cool bag! I am waiting for my new python betty to arrive.
  6. Thanks green_eggs-- and congrats on your new Betty- what color and style did you get?

    Be sure and post photos when she arrives, I'd love to see her!
  7. I think the curling up effect is caused by rubbing from carrying the bag... a normal thing of wear and tear.
  8. BTW sparkle, that bag is sooo beautiful! Congrats on the find!
  9. With a purse like that a little curling wouldn't effect me at all. Gorgeous bag!!
  10. That is super-fabulous!!!

    Yes, the scales on my python curl too. It's due to the very light glaze Chloe uses on her snakeskins.
  11. OMG Sparkle who can tell about the scales, that bag is just gorgeous! Seriously, it's stunning!
  12. I got the large sized brown Betty for a steal. Tip from an amazing tPFer!!! Can't wait!!!
  13. Hey sparkle,
    Gorgeous bag! :yahoo:

    I have a few python silverados and they are all different. The oldest one has super soft python scales that are tissue thin. My chocolate doctor silverado has thicker scales that seem "treated" and they are stiffer and definitely curl. don't worry... this makes them seem more fragile than they actually are.

    I have an argent python silverado too, which is sort of inbetween the two. it's not tissue thin, but not super stiff either. The scales on that bag are probably just like yours, since they are both metallic.

    I think the scales differ from bag to bag depending on the treatment used on them.

    Your bag looks perfect. enjoy it! :heart:
  14. the scales on mine also curl, i think it's normal
    anyway, anyone know how to clean python, what's kind of treatment you used?
    thanks in advance :smile:
  15. Yes, that is normal. My Prada Python bowler is doing that because I've owned it for a while. I stroke them down but it doesn't help :p It still looks good, though!