chloe python betty at

  1. 45% off and there is usually a 10% coupon floating around.

    Great deal, post if you snap it up!
  2. thanks for posting! that is a great deal!
  3. I can't find it???

    what size, color, price?
  4. Do we know for sure this is authentic? What's their return policy like? (I have never shopped with them, but I feel like I've heard they are obnoxious about accepting returns...):shrugs:
  5. I've bought fendi and ferragamo from them, completely authentic. Their return policy is fine. I have never had a problem with them.
  6. OMG how beautiful!!!
  7. They also have a few other chloe bags up.

    Good to hear they sell real bags. I was curious.
  8. In addition to buying fendi and dior purses from them, I also bought some killer Dolce and Gabbana shoes from them, completely authentic and a total steal. I always check them out because when they get something in, it is often a real bargain. :supacool:

  9. It looks darker than cafe, maybe chocolat, and it is the smallest size.
    The large and small both have 2 pockets on each side.
    The medium has horizontal zippers on the back side.
  10. Wow, I want this!
    Can anyone tell for sure if it's the cafe brown or the solid brown? I don't want the solid brown...
  11. Be careful, there are some fakes on Overstock, in the auction section, usually in LV and Hermes. I don't know about Chloe. Just a word of caution.
  12. It looks swirly, so to speak, not solid. From the pics, I go for cafe. I think the only other non-solid color the blingy Betty was done in was Natural, which is a bit differnet from the silverado natural python. I have a natural Betty, which has more black/grayish coloration. This one seemed brownish. Do they have live chat? And I have no idea as to authenticity.
  13. thanks, gals. :heart:

    the timing isn't quite right for me right now :crybaby: otherwise I would take the risk (I think) and snap it up because I LOVE that bag in the smaller size. And I have never seen it on sale anywhere, other than the one time I saw it in person at Saks over a year ago.

    Oh well, Someone please get it and then tell me all about it!:yes: