Chloe putty edith at NM, go and get it!!!

  1. still available!!
  2. So pretty, but just so NOT the right color for me, right now!!!:crybaby:
  3. ARGH! I'm always too slow! Is Putty the exact color on the picture? Grayish-white? Just curious.
  4. Gone!!
  5. oh no! this would have been the perfect bag for me...i'm so sad i missed it!
  6. It *was* pretty cool... but now it's found a home. And it's none of ours. :crybaby:

  7. thank you.
  8. What a major discount! I hope a TPF'er got this beauty!
  9. SO BUMMED I passes on this!! :: kicking myself now :: !!!
    I keep checking to see if it gets returned... :: prayyyyyyyying ::
  10. Sad! I was waiting for this one for a while.....