Chloe Purses for 40% off at SF Bloomies

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  1. Ladies -

    There was a table of Chloe purses at the San Francisco Bloomingdales as of 5:30pm today with a sign that said 40% off. Additionally, I am not sure if Chloe is part of this but Bloomie's is also having an additional 30% off its sale/clearance items. As I said, I don't know if Chloe is exempt from the additional 30% off or not -- but you can always call.

    As for styles, I am clueless but there was a pretty good variety of stuff. May be worth the call to find out!

    Good luck.....
  2. any black w/ silver hardware baby paddies?

  3. You are da man! Any cream Chloe's
  4. I think he said he didnt check and dosent really know about the bags :smile:

    you might want to call. I was planning on going there today, but On saturdays its a mad house and everything sells out. Since bloomingdales there is located inside a huge gorgeous mall w/ other speiciality stores. (not typical mall)...good luck to the people who call..tomm is the last day