Chloe private sale

  1. Hi, guys

    Just to let u know that Chloe @ SCP LA is having a private sale beginning today!!!!!

    40% off by appointment only!

    Most of RTW, shoes, and BAGGGGGGSSSSS!!!

    There are all colors of siverado, regular, doctor, and tote. White, red, whiskey and etc.

    Kala(?) style are all on sale as well. But not including paddy and edith.

    Call ur SA now and get in the action!!!
  2. South Coast Plaza????
  3. I got an invite too. Paddys arent on sale?
  4. Hi, what is RTW? Thanks!
  5. can you just ring them up and say you heard about the sale? I don't have my own Chloe SA as such!
  6. Ready to wear (ie. sportswear, clothing etc)
  7. Oh gotcha! :heart: MFT!
  8. Hi MFT!!!
  9. no problem :yes: RTW=Ready to wear

    oops, jag said it
  10. I am not sure, but u can call them and find out. :yes:
  11. No paddy, no edith.

    Tons of silverado though.
  12. thanks for the heads up!
  13. anytime~:biggrin:
  14. so if Chloe has them at scp then Nordstrom will price match. I am going to call my sa at Nordys tomorrow and tell her to check out chloe and now my hobo betty will be 40% off and she is holding it for me. thanks
  15. Are the shopping totes on sale?