chloe presale at west coast NM starts 11/25

  1. I popped into NM today here in Vegas, and the SA told me that their Chloe's go on presale for the Wednesday sale tomorrow (Sunday) at 30% off.

    Unfortunately, all presale bags had already been pulled, so I am not too sure what will be on sale, but I was told to expect 4-6 tables and a bunch of paddies!

    He also mentioned that this sale is limited to west coast regional stores, but if you're not on this coast, they are accepting phone sales.

    He won't be in tomorrow, but here's the store info if anyone is interested.

    LV Neiman Marcus at Fashion Show
    702-731-3636 x 2120
  2. thank you!
  3. Oh, and I'm going to try to stop in tomorrow (must-have-self-restraint) and I'll try to take a note of what I find.
  4. Pre-sale begins in the other NM stores today as well, its not just limited to the West Coast. I received calls from my SAs at the Tysons Corner and Mazza Gallerie (DC Metro Area) stores this past week.
  5. Ignore the comment below - the two stores mentioned in the message below received a message from Corporate that there will be no pre-sale, all of the bags will be placed on the floor this upcoming Tuesday. I called my SA today and she informed me that Corporate had changed their minds on how the sale will be handled this year. :tdown::tdown:
  6. It started in Texas yesterday. I was there and can vouch for it personally. If you're interested in Elvire, Bay, Audra or Beata a lot of NM have already started preselling these Chloe.
  7. ^^not all of the bay bags are on, but the entire Elvire collection is (that's what I've been told). Not sure about the Audra, but I'm pretty sure all of the styles they carry are on sale. I was really tempted by the black patent Audra but it was almost too big. They had the brown patent medium size I really liked too, but passed. That was at the NM in Northpark Mall, Dallas Texas.
  8. Sorry, the Beata was at Nordstroms in CA. THey marked them down because the Chloe boutique in their mall did. It's not at NM.
  9. WOw - it is all so confusing. I am trying to remember what the bags were I saw today at my Neiman's presale in St. Louis. This was the first day and for Chloe I saw:
    A mocha quilted Bay - just over $1000 or so
    A yellow regular Elvire satchel at around $900
    A patent leather Elvire hobo in black (like Mona's) for over $1000
    A black capsule Paddy medium tote for around $1300
    Another smaller capsule paddy that I can't remember the color. Maybe tan?
    Another Bay - this one was tan or something in a rectangular shape and no quilting.
    The black Heloise satchel with the thick braided handles I wanted was gone - sold. The SA claimed she could even find a red one for me. Uh huh. No patent dome capsule Paddies were going to be marked down. Sigh.
  10. Divnanata:
    were the Heloise on sale? :confused1:
  11. ^Oh NOoooo girl. Sadly not. Otherwise I woulda scored one and faced the wrath of my DH and anyone else! Our other sister thinks we need professional help.
  12. I definitely need one NOW. Don't know how much longer I can hold off the Chloe drug. Just passed a bleu nuit now this??!!! And I am free 11/25 to go to NM to shop! AAAHHH