Chloe Pouch Belt on NM: 165

  1. cute, but I don't know that I would use it
  2. I have one and I don't really use it together. I wear the belt then use the pouch as more of a coin purse.
  3. Is the pouch big enough to use as a business card holder?
  4. :yahoo:I grabbed one!!! At that price I will figure out the details when it arrives:upsidedown:..Thanks for the post chinkyi23!!!!
  5. Congrats Ali! Glad you decided to get it. Yes you can fit business cards in it.
  6. Well..its here!!!! Very cute and my cards fit in it perfectly. Thanks again for the post!

  7. chinkyi23 - thanks for posting!!

    With this low price, Is it worth it to order the set just for the pouch and give the belt away as a gift?

  8. Definitely!!!! I use the pouch as a business card holder and the belts in the closet(for now).
  9. It's still available!! Too bad I'm on a ban!! I wish there was additional 40% off...then I'd break my ban for it :p