Chloe Pocket Paddy Pics...As Promised...

  1. Hi all. Attached photos are of the medium size pocket paddington... aka "professor" (Saks, Ron Herman)... aka "new paddington satchel" (Nordstrom)... Can't recall if NM uses the name "professor" or something else... Black and whiskey are shown here.
    Chloe Pocket Paddy 001.jpg Chloe Pocket Paddy 004.jpg Chloe Pocket Paddy 006.jpg Chloe Pocket Paddy 009.jpg
  2. Tan to follow...
  3. And here is the tan as well as tan/whiskey comparisons...
    Chloe Pocket Paddy 010.jpg Chloe Pocket Paddy 012.jpg Chloe Pocket Paddy 013.jpg Chloe Pocket Paddy 014.jpg
  4. Wow... what a lovely bag.... Is that the classic noir black or non-metallic anthracite?
  5. Those colors are fab! You do a great job with the pics, thanks.
  6. That's beautiful! Are the straps longer than the classic paddy? I would like a shoulder bag but found the classic paddy a bit tight to wear over a winter coat. Also, is it heavy? (compared to the classic paddy) Thanks!
  7. The tan actually looks nice there, not washed out at all. Maybe it varies per bag? Is it as nice IRL SoCal, or do you share mammab's opinion of the color? My tan satchel looks like the color of the second photo. The leather looks nice on that tan Pocket too!
  8. Gorgeous!!! all the colors are soo nice!
  9. Thanks! The label reads "black". (The "noir" bag I recently "auditioned" was the non-metallic anthracite.)
  10. I think the straps on this style are a bit longer than the classic satchel. I can wear the pocket paddy with a light jacket. I have not tried it with a heavy winter jacket. It doesn't seem heavy to me...I love this bag! (My husband "groans" when asked to hold my bag...he seems to think it is a bit heavy...)
  11. Thank you! I can see that I need to make the bed again in the guest room soon...
  12. Something about the tan seems "off" to me. The leather and shape are a bit different than the whiskey and black. It is also difficult to photograph the color accurately. The tan does not seem washed out so much as super-pigmented. In some lights, the lock appears super brassy or almost rose/copper gold. I am going to return the tan to NM and wait for the chocolate...
  13. The whiskey is beautiful. Thanks for the color comparison!
  14. Wow, thanks Socal for the pics! The side by side of the tan and whiskey really shows the difference b/w the two. The tan is quite a nice colour but seeing it next to the whiskey, there's no competition. The whiskey is too gorgeous! I know, I may be biased coz I have it in the regular satchel, lol, but no honestly, seeing it in the pocket bags, the whiskey is still lovelier than the tan.
  15. I love your pictures again:love: ...saw them at tfs before:smile: .You're so lucky!!