Chloe POCKET Paddington Owners!!

  1. Paddy Bowler ivory.JPG
  2. I forgot to add I am very petite and wouldn't want it to dwarf me!
  3. Yes, it is significantly larger than the Box. The Box is smaller than a Paddy satchel, and the Pocket is larger than the satchel. I don't have pics of the bag ON (I sent mine back), but maybe these will help. (The mousse is a Big Pocket).
    Chloe Blanc Pocket angle.jpg Chloe Blanc Pocket chair.jpg Chloe Blanc Pocket holding.jpg Chloe Blanc Pocket desk.jpg Pocket Comparison.jpg
  4. oh thanks so much! do you know the dimensions at all? the ones i got from aloharag and neimanmarcus were completely different!

    i got these from neiman:

    9"H x 14"W x 6"D.

    and that seems huge!!! or is that when the bag is spread apart?
  5. It slouches much smaller than that.
    It is a good size and I am petite as well.
  6. yay i am faxing my order through when i get home tonight :biggrin:
  7. It sort of "flattens out" into a football shape when you carry it, which I did not care for. I would say those dimensions are close. It is a good sized bag, but a petite could definitely carry it! What color are you ordering?
  8. Both are just gorgeous!
  9. tan!! but im tiny! i hope it's not too big!
  10. I love my pocket, even more than my normal satchel. I really hope you love it too! I find this style a bit more casual and more fun. The middle (if you have it empty) does kind of swallow up the entire lock. It sort of collapses in the middle.
  11. is the satchel the box? im confused!
  12. The satchel refers to the regular Paddy:smile:

    Here's a collage that ETenebris put together from NAP's photos (I think), for comparison's sake.

    The regular Paddy satchel is the 2nd one from the left and the box is the last one on the right, in gold.

    i have just faxed my order to Kirna Zabete! i had it on hold i hope nothing terrible happens and they actually ended up selling it as it was the last one :sad: just missed out on the whiskey too damn.

    on sale too, such a steal!

  14. Congrats Frayed! So which one did you order? Was it the tan pocket paddy?
  15. yep :biggrin: