Chloe platform booties 60% off

  1. Ok I'm in :love: with these:


    And they're on sale for $270 from $675!!

    Anyone have these? Do you :heart: them??
    How do they run size-wise? If I wear an 8.5 would I get 38.5 or 39 ?
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    Oh i am in:love: with these shoes.Fin they are simelar to your style, and i was wondering the same thing about the sizing as i am a size 38.

    But i am still waiting for mine shoes to go down further,they are currently selling for $345 at NAP..
  3. oooh those are very nice too!!
    So ladies ---- what size do I get if I'm an 8.5 normally? 38.5 or 39 ??
    ty :heart:
  4. Unless NAP states that they are running small/large in "editors note" then they are true to size and you can get your normal size.
  5. My Chloe shoes have always been true to size.;)
  6. I don't have any chloe shoes.. and I don't really know my size in european sizing since everything runs so different -- so is a 38.5 the same as an 8.5 ? or ?? I can swear I've seen things that say 8.5 is a 39 as well... ?
    Sorry to sound so clueless... ty :heart:
  7. If you are 8,5 then you should get 38,5. 39 will be half a size up. It is boots though so it doesnt matter same much. You can always add an extra sole inside if it was half a size too big.
  8. I'm upset --- the International net-a-porter website has them for 85 pounds which is rougly $170 US .. the US site has them for $270.
    I emailed and they basically said "that's how it is" ....