Chloe Pixie

  1. Hi! I'm new to Chloe, and in love with the latest style called the Pixie from the Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Any thoughts on the bag and when/where I can preorder? IMG_1498449733.968783.jpg IMG_1498449745.384722.jpg
  2. I just discovered the Chloe Pixie and now I'm trying to rationalize spending $1,500 on a bag. But I'm so in love!!! UGH...
  3. Not sure where you're located but they're already out and available at boutiques in Europe (Italy, Germany, France, UK). I just purchased that small pixie bag in your photo (Sienna Red) in Paris last week (ave montaigne) but it was the last one in that color. But there were a lot of other colors (Dark Navy, Mustard beige, Khaki-grey, dark green).
  4. The shape looks so unique!
  5. New for SS18, a super tiny Pixie
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  6. I'm so obsessed with this bag at the moment! Can't wait for it to be released.
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  7. You are the queen of tiny bags!!! I love living vicariously through you when you grow your collection, haha!
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  8. Thank you! I may be slightly, really obsessed with miniatures.
  9. I like the burgundy one the best:smile:
  10. Meghan Markle aka Prince Harry’s soon to be wife wearing the Chloe Pixie to Christmas celebrations. :smile: I like both the Pixie and Nile bag.
  11. The Pixie was my gateway Chloe.
  12. The Chloe Pixie bag featured on the official Chloe Instagram page. It’s such a chic bag and fits all the essentials. :smile:
    C02FC5DB-4DB4-4852-9FC0-3FE5C977AEA5.jpeg 20655B39-B303-41AA-8FF5-14D4F2004ECD.jpeg 34C8944B-2935-46A3-AA62-73482C2160C7.jpeg 05A9A440-E1EE-4A42-9E51-42A8EA5ED9F6.jpeg 597500A0-8D66-48B8-9E9A-CC27C82F9A98.jpeg 06945956-C951-43F2-8BA4-CF35F497671A.jpeg 0737B23A-AFE9-4E7D-AABC-37579C9F9847.jpeg
  13. Can’t wait to get this bag. I would love either navy blue, dark green or burgundy. :nuts:
  14. More photos of the Chloe Pixie bag worn by style icons. Photos credit Chloe Instagram.
    E375B83E-0232-4FD6-A3B5-ED5026A586DC.jpeg A59B801E-84CC-4B44-8FCA-4AC52BF8FCDC.jpeg D13D6FE3-E786-4031-8165-EA4DF873FA78.jpeg 0354B81C-923C-4DB5-ABF3-65A5E88650F6.jpeg 6661E38E-3CCC-42FC-BC44-22F2D385688B.jpeg 9A60D46C-48E6-4E60-A206-7BC76D2C09EC.jpeg 8C5FE16D-7DA1-45AA-BE4E-69DDA79BA9DE.jpeg 46DF2B3E-BD1A-4581-B572-8720C3265709.jpeg E31A30F0-4212-4557-BEDA-CC164D28BC1C.jpeg 5975D1CC-C0FE-4C49-AB75-CF13B3597ECC.jpeg