Chloe pixie small

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  1. just got the small pixie in taupe and it’s so cute. Got it discounted at net Porter. After researching this bag it seems to be sold out at most places and Chloe doesnt have it on their site anymore. Was it discontinued? I wonder if it’s not a smart investment if it’s already outdated. Did the pixie bag already go out of style ? Should I return it ?
  2. I have the small Pixie in green (also got it discounted, had been eyeing it for a long time) and have gotten sooo many compliments on it, both from people who recognized it as Chloe and those who did not. It carries well and I prefer it to my mini Marcie. Chloe does not make it anymore, it was a Clare Waight Keller bag and looks like it was phased out with that switch.

    I don't think it's out of style, Chloe is focusing on the Nile bag which is similar but just a little bigger/wider shape. The Pixie is a little different and I prefer that style and shape. I will definitely rock mine for years to come!
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  3. Did you get the color pastel gray from net-a-porter? I just ordered it, and I am so excited to see it in person!