Chloe Perfume

  1. Has anyone smelled/bought the new chloe perfume from Saks!?! Do you love it!?!
  2. I got some yesterday. Not sure if I like it or not though :s - it's a very sweet (possibly slightly sickly:s:s) fragrance and I usually wear perfume that is slightly edgier (Agent Provocateur, Helmut Lang, Dolce & Gabbana Red, that type of thing). My DH likes it ok but I'm just not sure if it's 'me' or not :confused1:.

    I had the perfume mailed to me from a store and it came along with some samples, so I haven't had to open the packaging on the bottle yet. I've been wearing the fragrance from the sample today and will probably try it again tomorrow, if it doesn't grow on me I'll think I'll take the bottle back...I want to love it but the jury is very much out at the moment !
  3. So it is floral? How does Chloe describe the scent? BTW I really like the other perfums that you're drawn to. Edgy is a good way to describe those products.
  4. Chloehandbags started a thread about this a while ago New Chloe Fragrance to be Launched in February '08. I'm not sure if anyone has smelled it yet, but if someone knows what it smells like, surely CHB does LOL
  5. Hmmm, it's difficult to describe it really :confused1::s.I guess it's kind of a floral scent, but I remember reading somewhere it has essence of lychee in it of all things and I think I can definitely detect that note in there. Anyway, my jury isn't out any more - it's not for me. I wore it again today and I find the fragrance overpoweringly sweet :cutesy:,so back it goes to the store.

    :tup:Glad you like my choice of other fragrances Susie, have you tried the Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionelle fragrance ? That's my current favourite :heart:.
  6. Here's what was said about it in "W":

    "A Second Coming"

    After decades of slumber, Chloe, like Dior and Gucci before it, has been reincarnated to great success as fashion lovers fawn over its dresses, bags and shoes. The next logical step, of course, is a fragrance. Hence Chloe Eau de Parfum, which debuts in February. Unlike the original Chloe scent, a jasmine blend that launched in the Seventies, Eau de Parfum is a spicy yet soothing floral with pink pepper, peony, lycheeandfreesia notes, topped with a hint of powdery rose. At Saks Fifth Avenue."
  7. :yucky: :s:shrugs::lol:
  8. ooh I'm a big fan of sickly sweet perfumes LOL. The edgier ones that you're talking about, Tag, don't suit me - they always seems to smell a bit "dusty." I can't really describe it, but it's a shame cos I love them and the bottles are always so sexy!

    Angel by Thierry Mugler is going a bit too far, though - every time I smell that I feel like I've gorged on a box of chocolate eclairs and really regret it.

    I don't mind orientals/spice, so I might give it a go. What do you think of it today, Tag?
  9. :tdown:It's definitely not for me. I can't be bothered schlepping all the way back to the store to get a refund, so I'm going to give it to my friend who likes this kind of fragrance. It might well suit you i_wona - fragrance is such a subjective thing. Probably best to try a tester first ratherr than splurging before you know whether it's your bag or not ( like I did :push:smile:.
  10. I was relieved for you, Tag, when you said you could return the opened bottle. I never knew that was possible. Perfume selection is so subjective. I try not to get seduced by the packaging and ads since some of the most attractive ones smell like crap on ME! And you have to test them out IRL. Those magazine strips don't work either.
  11. I didn't have to open the bottle Div :nogood:.The store sent me some testers along with the order, so I opened the tester first to get an idea of the fragrance. There was no good reason for me to buy the fragrance other than the fact that it was made by Chloe and I quite liked the look of the bottle ( a bit victim-y I guess). Anyway, I'm sure my friend will love it and it wasn't terribly expensive, so no harm done.
  12. i got to smell it yesterday and i liked it, but my bf thought it was too sweet.
  13. From the above descriptions, sounds like it might be too 'sweet' for me.....I'm a 'spicey' gal.:rolleyes:
  14. Funny... Today was the first time I ever saw/heard about the perfume in Lucky Magazine. They had a sample page and I like it! Kinda soft and floral-y.
  15. My bf bought the Chloe scent for me as a late Vday gift. The SA also gave me the miniature sample version too. I'm not sure if I like it. I'm used to wearing EDP Coco Mademoiselle (strong, edgy, with a slight slight hint of romantic) or EDP Burberry London also a strong fragrance. I've used it for the day and the scent is gone by 3-4 hrs. My Chanel lasts the entire day! I'll give it one more day and return the bottle.