Chloe Patent Medium Paddington Satchels at Nordstrom

  1. I was just at Nordstrom in Corte Madera, CA and they had a black patent and two teal blue patent paddington satchels at 40% off on the sale table for $1079 (originally $1800) They also had a bright orange patent Heloise tote but I didn't check the price.
  2. were they the regular paddy satchels???

    I am so inlove with that colour!!!!
  3. Hi Mona - they were the regular paddie satchels in patent. The blue ones were very pretty!
  4. Thanks starbuxxx....yeah I saw pictures of them....the colour is TDF but I wanted a different paddy shape...and still hoping for further markdowns....
  5. The Nordstrom in Brea Mall (So Cal) had the teal one for $860.00 Only one left. I am not a expert on Chole but it seemed like a good deal.