chloe patent criss-cross sandals

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  1. Ok..

    So I bought these Chloe Patent Criss Cross sandals which I thought were going to be really funky and different to all my other sandals/ballet flats/ flip flops that I have for the summer. I received them and still thought they were really cool.. but then as soon as I put them on my feet.. i found them really ugly since my feet looked like they were bandaged and as my friends put it .. I looked like I was wearing aerosoles...

    But now that I've kept them for a while and tried them on again ... I think I'm beginning to like them. The heels are low, straps are wide, so they're not entirely flattering. But I think I kinda like them because they're different.

    what do you think??? are they really ugly? Worth the price?

    :tdown:? :tup:?

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  2. Those are not my style. I just don't they are versatile enough.
  3. I don't think they're awful, but they're not great either.

    Also, if you're only beginning to sort of like them, you'll probably never love them - and you should probably love a pair of shoes that are that expensive.
  4. yeah maybe it isn't too good to keep them... but then again - they're kinda cool shoes! ahh the decisions!

    I bought them for a really good price and my only option now is to sell them on ebay... for which I don't have an active account - so that's also a hindrance I suppose..?
  5. i like them, theyre different & have kind of an 80s vibe to me -they do look comfortable & i think theyd look cute w/ skirts - do you have them in white? If you don't love them I'd say send them back if you can or have a little fashion show & try them on w/ things you think youll wear w/ them & they grow on you-patent is pretty hot right now too :yes:
  6. Haha, you're right now that I think about it -- they look like mummy shoes.

    What are you going to wear them with? They might be ok with the right pair of skinny jeans. I'm having a hard time imagining outfits for them.
  7. I'm on the fence about them because I don't know what I would wear them with. If you have outfits that work and you really love them, then keep them. That is what creates personal style.
  8. Really not loving those.....bandages is immediately what I thought, rather frumpy TBH
  9. But maybe bandage fashion is the newest trend!:wlae::woohoo:
    These girls pull off the bandage trend pretty well.

    JK jk jk

    anyways I might post some pics of me wearing the shoe tomorrow to see if any of you guys change your mind. But seriously - these shoes have grown on me even if they may be objectively ugly.

    Another thing is I just haven't got the patience for ebay since I can't return these.
  10. I tried this style in black... On one hand...pretty comfortable... One the other hand...I felt like I was wearing a sandal version of a ski boot... Ended up sending them back... I LOVE the Chloe shoes this season...but actually find the higher heels to be more wearable than the shorter versions...
  11. I love these shoes! I think they're so interesting and different and love the thick straps opposed to thin straps that are everywhere!!! :smile:
  12. i just don't know what to say ...need to see them worn IRL to have an opinion...i guess i'm getting used to the style after a few months of doubt!
  13. i don't like them ..sorry