Chloe Patent Audra.....$700

  1. Marked down from $1945 @ Nordstroms in Towson, MD!
    The number is (410)296-2111( designer handbag department) ask for Mary on hold under Ali...:tup:
  2. Aren't the sales staff at that store really nice? I recently had a Marc Jacobs sent to me a few weeks ago and they were very pleasant to deal with. I was so impressed with the customer service that I notified Nordstrom's to let them know of my shopping experience. :tup:
  3. ^^^ They are extremely nice and helpful. I call them before I go to my local Nordies as the staff over here is not that friendly at all!!!

  4. ah!! can you tell me what color and size it is? and is it the style with the two pyramid shaped thingy at where the handles are connected to the bag? Thanks so much!
  5. ali w. - Thanks! I ordered it. The way she described it, I think it's looks like this one from bluefly. Hopefully, it will be lighter in weight than some of the other chloe bags!
  6. That's a great deal, congrats!! Did you get it in brown? Very nice!

  7. Congrats Kiss_p, its beautiful!!!!! You've been stocking up on the gorgeous bags girl:tup:, can I live in your closet!!! Make sure you post pics:yes:
  8. To quote another TPFer - I've been doing some "shameful bag juggling"!! :shame: Also, I always lose my mind during sale season. :upsidedown: I think I need an intervention....
  9. congrats kiss_p......can't wait to see this bag IRL pictures!

    BTW, we all do the "shameful bag juggling" its part of the fun.....