Chloe PARATY Official Color Releases -

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    Hi there,
    Please excuse the first post, but I am looking for an extensive list of all the colors released so far for the PARATY bag.

    I am currently in love with the Pewter color, but am happy to hold off for a month if I know what is going to be coming up. I have read so many threads regarding this stunning bag, so please help in compiling this list. I am sure I am not the only one who will buy a few of these this year, but a detailed catalog of pics, colors and sizes would be awesome!

    I am aware only of the following so far -

    Python - Black (med only)
    Python - Ink (med only)
    Python - Creme (med only)
    Python - Navy (med only)

    (Med and Large)

    Old Pink
    Chrome Yellow
    Chestnut Brown

    I am awaiting email confirmation with colors from Chloe, Saks etc.
    Thanks ladies!
  2. There is a Paraty Thread - All about Paraty - in the reference thread - with pictures and the different styles :smile:
  3. Thanks Shiva, will add info to that thread instead. :smile:
  4. i had seen somebody carrying a bronze in the smaller size paraty,,is it a fake since your not aware of it beling released?? thanks
  5. ^^^ Bronze is on the list. There are two sizes medium and large. There is also milk python small/medium AND large.
  6. OMG :faint:!!! A medium Paraty in needs to be so gorgeous :drool:...though I love black, black,black...
  7. I think these are my favs so far too but would also love to see a color swatch. Sand sounds nice too:drool: I really would love to see one IRL to see if it's the bag for me.
  8. Me too, see IRL :drool:...
    Last year I bought a black medium Bay satchel, love it :smile:. But when I saw it in canelle IRL (very similar like nutmeg...) I felt in love wiht the colour :drool:...