Chloe Paraty in Taupe?!

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  1. Hi, as anyone seen the chloe paraty in taupe? I'm thinking of buying it but never saw it live. I wonder if anyone could help me with this...:biggrin::heart::heart::heart:
  2. pinksugah had the same question - Paraty Color Question...? Help Needed!
    - I will copy paste my reply from her thread

    I saw this bag at Chloe boutique and I really like the color.
    I chose the black Paraty instead because I have many bags in tan and very few in black. Other than that I would have chosen this color any time over black.
    This is the 1st time I see this color on any Chloe bag - it is a new color from the fall 2009 collection.
  3. Could you describe the color? is it a dark tan or a sand?
  4. I saw it on net-a-porter, in some of the pictures it seems that the bag as a green undertone!?
  5. Yes I just purchased this bag from the Chloe boutique in Tokyo.
    I would say it is more olive/khaki with brown undertones.
    It looks so blah on net-a-porter but it is truly the most versatile and beautiful color I have seen for a Chloe. It just goes SO well with the gold hardware.
    Fantastic if you wear lots of black or white.
    I will try to post pics tomorrow.
  6. Sorry for the late pic!!
    I have had so many guests and SO much work...I could only take the photos is Paraty Taupe!!

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  7. I think the color is quite accurate with a tinge more olive to it...and slightly darker;)
  8. Congrats !!!! I love it, it is a gorgeous color.:love:
  9. Love the taupe shade for a Paraty...but I prefer it in black or choc...
  10. That is a beautiful bag!!!!
  11. Beautiful bag Panda:yahoo:
  12. BEAUTIFUL pandabear000!!!! The paraty is one bag that I hope to keep forever! She is so versatile & classic :tup:! Enjoy your new bag!!!!!
  13. beautiful - lovely color!
  14. Thank you, you are all so sweet!
    I am mostly a small bag person so I got the small but I am surprised at how large it looks seeing my photo now.

    The color really seems to work with both summer and winter colors (a rarity for me!!) As I mentioned before, it looks best with white (looking forward to wearing it in the fall with my white coats) and black (it brightens things but not in-your-face)
    You really have to try it on to see how versatile it is:smile: