Chloe Paraty (in Orange Fizz) OR YSL (Saint Laurent) Y Classique chyc cabas in green?

  1. Hello Ladies!.

    Please help me decide between the following 2 bags: Chloe Paraty (in Orange Fizz) OR YSL (Saint Laurent) Y Classique chyc cabas in green? I'm including the images of both bags below (plus the link for YSL green chyc bag). I initially wanted a Red YSL chyc cabas bag, but it was sold out from the site where I was planning to order it. Then I found a beautiful Chloe Party in Orange Fizz and had that in mind. But today, I came across this beautiful YSL (Saint Laurent) green chyc cabas (new edition). So, which one is a nicer, fancier, more beautiful bag: the Orange Fizz Chloe Paraty? OR the Green YSL chyc cabas?

    Chloe Paraty (In orange Fizz):

    YSL Chyc Cabas (in green):
    OrangeFizz_ChloeParaty.jpg GreenYSL_chycCabas.jpg
  2. Which colour works best with your wardrobe? They're both nice bags but for me orange would clash with so many things.
  3. I like the look of the Paraty in that color. If you wear a lot of warm-colored clothes I would say go for the Paraty.
  4. Thanks a lot for your votes, everyone. I'm still in dilemma, since I really like both bags, so would like to see more opinions/votes from you. :smile: I generally don't buy bags that look too casual or too "dress down" type, but I rather like those that are on a "dressier" side. Both of these bags look quite fancy and dressy.
    So, since it's hard to choose in this case, the one that most of you like better will be the one that I'll get. :smile:
  5. While I think the YSL is more sophisticated and classic, I like the orange Paraty more. Does one fit your things better than the other?
  6. Thanks for your vote. No, in fact I have a few tops/sweaters/shoes that would go with either one. So, based on what most people vote for,-- I'll try to make my decision by tomorrow or so.
  7. I think the Paraty is the better multi-seasonal bag in orange, its a great feel good colour, even though i am a massive fan of the YSL
  8. I really like the Chloe.
  9. Thanks, everyone!. So far, looks like the Chloe Orange Paraty is winning. I'll wait for several more votes/opinions, and then will buy one of them. :smile:
  10. Ok, so far all the votes have been for the Chloe Orange Paraty, which becomes the winner. So, the decision has been made: Orange Paraty is the one that I'll be getting!.. :smile: Thanks for your help, ladies.
  11. Another vote for the orange paraty. Except for a few colors that might clash I think that the color is actually a pretty neutral orange that will go with alot.
  12. The Chloe is my pick as well. Can't wait for the reveal!!
  13. Paraty!
  14. I prefer the paraty as a bag in comparison to the YSL.
    Both are lovely though and I love the green colour.
  15. The paraty is def more fun and versatile